Chomp PosterMillie is determined to prove to the world that she’s captured the first real zombie–even if he’s not one.  A short horror comedy written & directed by first-time director Lynne Hansen, starring Susan O’Gara, Kyle Porter, Ellah Durliat and Joel D. Wynkoop. Features music by Claire and the Potatoes and Trevor Strong.


“Yes, it’s a zombie comedy, but there’s almost like a Jack Ketchum sort of vibe in it as well…It’s a very dark look at humanity.”–Dread Media

“CHOMP is one of the most highly anticipated short films in recent memory.”–Rick Danford, Halloween Horror Picture Show founder and programming coordinator.

Director’s Statement

When a woman is held captive by a maniac, you sympathize immediately with her plight. How will she ever be able to escape such an intimidating foe? Too often, though, the stories end up being excuses to torture a skimpily clad, big-busted woman of questionable intelligence. The forgettable girl ends up being just “the victim” and it’s always the villain you gleefully tell your friends about after the credits roll.

With Chomp, I wanted to make a movie that turned the tables on the stereotype, putting a young man in jeopardy in a circumstance that seemed impossible to escape. And I wanted to pit him against a non-traditional villain–Millie, the sweetest, most twisted little old lady you’d never want to meet. Chomp is Misery meets Saw if Annie Wilkes had wanted a zombie.

Run Time

12 min


September 2014

Select Awards

Winner – Best Short Horror Film of 2015 – Fright Meter Awards

Winner – Best of the Fest – Geekfest Film Festival

Winner – Best Short – Geekfest Film Festival

Winner – Filmmaker to Watch – Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Winner – Best Supporting Actress (Ellah Durliat) – Sunscreen Film Festival

Winner – Best Performance (Kyle Porter) – Bloodbath Film Festival

Winner – Best Horror Short – Subversive Film Society


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