Lynne Hansen has written seven novels for young adults, mostly horror.


A Time For Witches Book CoverAs a teenager growing up in twenty-first-century Salem, Mindy Gold thinks she knows all about the town’s notorious witch trials. But when she wakes up in colonial Salem Village, she discovers it’s a more dangerous place than she’d ever imagined. In A Time for Witches, Mindy’s racing against the clock to uncover why she’s there—and whom she can trust—before she becomes the next victim of the Puritan hysteria.

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Rave New Wolrd Book CoverIt’s the year 2157, and every pleasure that doesn’t turn people into dutiful consumers has been classified as an addiction and outlawed. Jaden Emory’s job is to find out people’s hidden addictions–and root them out. But when rebellious raver Ally Fayre enters the picture, it’s Jaden who becomes addicted…to her.

SmartBooks are compelling, full-length novels with edgy and mature themes that will appeal to teens. Each book showcases more than 1,000 vocabulary words frequently included on the SAT. Brief definitions appear on the same page so that readers can quickly access and digest the meanings as they read along.

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Death Divided Book CoverWhen Tori’s best friend Rachel is found dead under suspicious, perhaps even paranormal circumstances, she enlists the help of her online murder mystery club to find the killer. The police believe Rachel committed suicide, but Tori knows better. An energy vampire is prowling their isolated stretch of Northern Neck, Virginia. She and her friends must band together to uncover the truth before they too, fall prey to the vampire’s foul trap — because cyberspace has fangs. (Written with Sally Bosco. Previously published as

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The Change Book CoverAlthough sixteen-year-old Hannah Gray hates everything about pioneer life on the Kansas prairie, becoming a werewolf is the absolute worst. Each night she changes into a fierce beast. Each morning she awakes to carnage she doesn’t remember. Can she find a cure before those she loves uncover her terrible secret?

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The Return Book CoverAfter their brother dies in battle, sixteen-year-old twins Molly and Jacob Gray discover a way to bring him back to life. The side effects (including a marauding zombie arm) seem to disappear, so when Molly’s boyfriend is run over by a wagon, they decide to resurrect him as well. Only too late do they find out that they have turned the two people they love most into the living dead.

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Shades Of Blue And Gray Book CoverTwenty-first-century teen Mindy Gold and time-cop Jasper Gordon travel back to 1861 Virginia to rescue Chad, the cutest guy in Mindy’s high school. In the meantime, they are still in pursuit of their alien nemesis Andros, who has kidnapped their friend Jonathan Harthorne from 17th-century Salem. In Shades of Blue and Gray, Mindy and Jasper’s new mission leads them to a Union Army camp on the eve of the battle of Bull Run. Will they find Chad before the cannons fire at dawn?

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Reckless Revolution Book CoverWith an evil, time-hopping alien hot on their heels, twenty-first–century teen Mindy Gold and her new partner in time, Jasper, are in a race to rescue Mindy’s sister Serena from 18th-century Philadelphia. Along the way Mindy faces down rabble-rousing Whigs, an outbreak of smallpox, and a light lunch with Ben Franklin. In Reckless Revolution, Mindy and the gang play a treacherous game of cat and mouse as they struggle to keep the timeline of history intact.

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