Cast & Crew


Kat Lindsay (Natalie) IMDB Button Small

Kat Lindsay

Matt Story (Brad) IMDB Button Small

Matt Story

Max Jay-Dixon (Chuck) IMDB Button Small

Max Jay-Dixon

Mallory Logan (Mary) IMDB Button Small

Mallory Logan


Gregory G. Kurczynski (Director, Producer) IMDB Button Small

Gregory G. Kurczynski

Lynne Hansen (Screenwriter, Associate Producer) IMDB Button Small

Lynne Hansen Square

Zachary Dufour (Cinematographer) IMDB Button Small

Zachary DuFour

RJ Sevin (Special Makeup Effects) IMDB Button Small

RJ Sevin

Jeff T. Byrd (Original Score) IMDB Button Small

Jeff T Byrd

The Dollyrots (Song: “Because I’m Awesome”) IMDB Button Small Web Button Small


The Zombies (Braaaaains!)

RJ and the Zombies




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