Meet Kyle Porter – Kyle Frost

Kyle Porter threw himself headlong into the role of Kyle Frost, bringing with him fantastic instincts and natural talent that brought the character to life in ways that most directors can only dream of. I know you’ll enjoy this opportunity to get to know him a little better.

Lynne’s Interview With Kyle

Q: Why on earth did you agree to work with a new director on her very first short film? Are you insane?

A: I agreed to perform in Chomp based on the same criteria I use for all my prior roles: the script. Lynne’s script was original with great character arcs. It was refreshing to read a short with such a strong story and real characters. The real question should be, how could I say no?

Q: What was the hardest thing you had to do while making CHOMP?

A: “What’s the hardest thing I had to do” is a loaded question. While I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, I was actually chained to a cinder block in an itchy zombie costume for about ten hours on my birthday weekend. I had an inch of thick zombie makeup constantly sweating into my eyes because we couldn’t run the air conditioning. CHOMP was a long, hard and fulfilling day at work, and I love my job.

Kyle and Lynne
Kyle being released from his sweaty costume and heavy chain for the very last time.

Q: Lots of things went right while making CHOMP. Tell me about something that went right that surprised you.

A: We had one take to get an important shot and limited time to finish filming. With only one chance, we not only got our shot but we were also able to keep the scene going through the next shot, saving us at least an hour of extra work. The collaborative effort of the amazing director of photography, Daryn Murphy, and the director, Lynne Hansen, and myself came out to be better than the original plan. That should be the concept behind all films–art through collaboration.

Kyle in the middle of his one-take-wonder scene. The director swears it cut at least 2 hours out of the shooting day. He’s far too modest.

Q: Why do you think people will like CHOMP?

A: I think people are going to like how funny and original it is. It stays true to its genre while stepping outside of itself.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I just wrapped a web series called Everyday Spooky which I acted in and helped write. It’s a sitcom set in a supernatural town. Check out the Facebook page Everyday Spooky for more details.

About Kyle

Kyle Porter SquareKyle Porter is making his glorious return to film in the soon-to-be-classic, “Chomp”. He is a natural jack of all acting trades, from portraying characters on stage such as Tom in “Night of the Living Dead”, Benjamin Braddock in “The Graduate”, and Woody/The Hustler in “Six Degrees of Separation”, to his work on films like “Chomp” and various shorts and commercials. He will be featured as Topher in the upcoming web series, “Everyday Spooky”, to which he is proud to have contributed as both an actor and a writer. He is grateful for the opportunity to pour his blood, sweat, and brains into this character and excited to see it come to life. Favorite zombie movie: 28 Days Later.

The Director Says: Kyle brought a wonderful combination of vulnerability and wise-assed humor to the role of Kyle (named before he was cast!) He was game for anything, including wallering all over a grungy garage floor with a heavy chain around his neck for hours at a time. (He called the scar on his neck a “chain hickey.”) Kyle’s creativity and amazing instincts as an actor wowed me time and again.

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